Lukas Ridgeston Naked


  1. Where do you store that thing when it's not in use, a "blimp hangar?" Lol! It's not only large but it is handsome as well. I sure would love to invite your cock over for drinks... oh and you too, Lukas, you good looking man. But your cock I could suck all day!

  2. I fell for Lukas Ridgeston many years ago since when I have lusted after him continually. His blue eyes, fit body, perfect ass and tasty uncut penis keep me cumming time after time. I'd love to explorec every inch of him with my hands and tongue, finally ending with my stiff dick up his firm manly ass!

  3. A Friend Always12/10/14, 12:45 AM

    Lukas, I been a fan of yours every since you got into the business, I wish You Well. If I was only thirty years younger I try my best to contact you and have !!!



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